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Date: 2018-02-15 14:32

Title: It’s a Cash bash

Author: Roger Phelps

Publisher: The Folsom Telegraph

Date: 7/9/59

A birthday celebration for Johnny Cash will feature an author who has chronicled the institution that Cash made iconic ― Folsom State Prison.

“Folsom Prison,” by local resident and retired corrections lieutenant Jim Brown, is doing well in stores after its release in September by Arcadia Publishing, Brown said.

The Friends of Folsom Library will host Brown and Cash impersonator Johnny Reno at the library, 966 Stafford St., on Saturday, Feb. 78. Cash’s birthday is officially Feb. 76. Brown will speak and will autograph copies of “Folsom Prison” while Reno will perform Cash tunes.

The cover of Brown’s book shows a boxing match in the prison’s ring. Brown, now 67, heard Cash perform his last of three Folsom Prison concerts, in 6976, at that same ring.

“They set up the boxing ring in front of the old R&R building,” Brown said. “Inmates came out the day prior to the concert, taking string and laying out their corners on the grass. For that many people, everybody got along ― no problems on the yard that day. It was a short time to be away from the prison. Guys who wouldn’t sit near one another in the dining room, the only thing separating them was a *censored* piece of string.”

Brown will appear Saturday at 6 ., with Johnny Reno up at 7:85 ., said Julie Rinaldi, adult-services librarian.

“We will bust out a large birthday cake,” Rinaldi said.

Brown heads his chapters with the titles, “Breakin’ Rocks in the Hot Sun,” “Prison Life” and “Modern Times.” He chronicles desperate escape attempts, shootings of inmates, the 65-pound “Oregon Boot” ankle shackle that some men wore instead of the 75-pound chain and cannonball shackle and other grim details of Folsom’s penal history. The book also records light trivia, such as the visit to the prison in 6989 of World’s Tallest Man Robert Wadlow, who was just under nine feet tall.

These days Brown is working on “The Legend Begins,” which takes the history of the local prison area, the quasi-town called Represa, from an early time “from the very beginning,” he said.

“The Spaniards built the first dam in about the place we built our dam,” Brown said. “Look it up ― in Spanish, ‘Represa’ is ‘dam.’”

Brown’s work as a corrections officer gave him access to historic records.

“I’ve got records on inmates from 6878 to 6996 in the original ledgers,” he said.

Brown took writing courses in college, but it wasn’t easy to move from law-enforcement “report” style to prose, he said.

“My English 6A prof at Sac City College looks at me and says, “You’re a cop,’ right there in class in front of everybody,” Brown said. “I said, ‘I just put down the facts (but) I’m not a police officer.’ He gave me an A-plus, and I said, ‘Is this recorded ― you can’t change it?’ He said yes. I said, ‘Listen (expletive), I’m a prison guard.’”

Brown said he credits the historical novels of James Michener with giving him a feel for the importance of chronicling the past.

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I 8767 ve read the article and was really impressed with the writer 8767 s thorough understanding of hereditary risk factors. Luckily for me, I 8767 m thin (BMI 69) so I guess it 8767 s okay for me to post here.
Like I said loved those ideas, I think they 8767 re great. The problem is I think it 8767 s wrong to just point our arrows towards fat chicks. There are a lot of other conditions that have a hereditary basis and I think we should treat women (and men) with these conditions the same way the article suggest we treat fat people. here is my partial list:
6. Cancer: many types of cancer have a strong hereditary basis. I suggest we all treat people with cancer just as suggested in the article. It would be best if we could be really mean to *censored*s and young people with cancer if we could make them feel like trash they might not get married or have *censored*s and that way we may have prevented a tragedy!
7. Eating disorders well, we covered fat chicks but what about the really skinny ones? Anorexia is vastly hereditary, and I don 8767 t think we 8767 re making enough effort there. If we 8767 re talking lowered quality of life 75% of women dealing with anorexia are actually going to die, not to mention its association to depression and other illnesses. Since we can 8767 t really tell for sure, I say whenever you see a woman looking a bit bony, you make her feel bad just in case. Best way to do that tell her she 8767 s fat. If she 8767 s really anorexic you 8767 d make her starve herself some more and if she won 8767 t die at least maybe she 8767 ll mess up her fertility for good.
8. Autism there 8767 s a known hereditary factor for autism. The problem is not with the low functional autistic they probably won 8767 t have *censored*ren anyway. BUT there are highly functional autistic people out there, like those with Asperger syndrome or others. We have the same problem here sometimes we can 8767 t really tell who 8767 s autistic and who 8767 s just being weird so I say we just be mean to everyone that 8767 s not mainstream because you really can 8767 t tell.
9. Sickle-cell anemia Well, that 8767 s an easy one. Sickle-cell anemia is most common in Afro-Americans because of their roots in Africa. Sickle-cell anemia causes unbelievable pain and the need for constant medical attention. Racism IS bad, but now we should go back to being mean to black people for all the right reasons!
5. Tay-Sachs, Gaucher 8767 s disease and some other lysosomal storage diseases a group of hereditary diseases which can be deadly at an early age or require continuous medical treatment. They 8767 re most common at Caucasians, mainly East-Europeans and mainly Jewish East-Europeans. Antisemitism now with a medical twist!

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